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Build a successful remote working team

Remote professional excellence training

These free courses will help your teams manage their workload and increase their efficiency while working remotely.

  • Access online training anywhere
  • Better integrate workers into an online team
  • Help your employees work collaboratively
  • Training delivered by videos, infographics and quizzes

What courses are included?

Leadership Skills to Thrive in change open close

30 minutes – Pragmatic advice and lessons in change management including the importance of adapting to change and how to, leadership approach for success, bringing out the best in your team and more.

Time Management Tune-Up open close

60 minutes – Learn refreshing simple tips to help you allocate your time, overcome bad habits, embrace technology – and enjoy the extra hours you’ll gain.

Communication Techniques for web-based presentations open close

10 minutes – A few extra elements are required to engage and capture attention. Learn the three pivotal communication components we all must use when presenting virtually.

How to motivate remote teams open close

22 minutes – Challenges with cohesiveness and communication? Develop new and innovative ways to keep your team united, engaged and excited to ensure a productive and successful business.

How to produce effective emails open close

10 minutes – Learn email guidelines for how to compose the best message and create the right tone for any email.

Life balance module open close

15 minutes – Help your staff improve their work-life balance with a case study, advice, tips and a range of interactive questions.

Contributing as a Virtual Team Member open close

18 minutes – In this course, you’ll learn how to develop the skills you need to be an effective member of a virtual team.